Swiss Sense

With more than 125 stores and a webshop in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Denmark, sleep specialist Swiss Sense is a leading player in the European sleep market. With a high-quality collection of beds, mattresses, bedding and accessories for the bedroom, Swiss Sense wants to enable people to be the best version of themselves by sleeping well. If you want to do what you dream, it starts with a good bed.

The family behind Swiss Sense has stood for quality beds since 1918.

Thanks to more than a hundred years of experience in every step of bed making – from design and advice to production and delivery – Swiss Sense makes good sleep accessible to everyone.

Swiss Sense is Retailer of the Year 2023-2024, sleeping category. Best retail chain in the Netherlands.


The project:

EcomStream has optimised the existing contract, rates and costs, of Swiss Sense’s payment provider for unified commerce. The rates and commercial conditions have now improved.

Also the routing of debit transactions has  been optimised, resulting in lower cost.

The close collaboration between Swiss Sense and EcomStream and the trust of Swiss Sense’s stakeholders have contributed enormously to the success achieved.


“At Swiss Sense we came into contact with Ramon, in the period between April 2023 and November 2023. Together we managed to achieve significant savings on the costs of the Payment Provider using a rational approach.

Ramon’s contribution and expertise is that he can take the content neutrally with the PSP and monitor the effectiveness at the back (in your dashboard).

He is thorough and continues to pursue until the savings are actually achieved, in a pleasant way.

I would suggest you definitely start a conversation with him, especially if you have not been monitoring your fitness for a while and are internationally active.”

Stefan Schuyleman

Senior E-commerce & Marketing Manager (Omnichannel) / Supervisory Board member NIMA