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Who are EcomStream?

EcomStream is a Dutch company and is specialized in payment optimization services for (primarily Twinkle100) merchants in a variety of segments, from Retail to Travel and Digital services. Whether your sales channel is online, omnichannel or a marketplace. The payment optimization services are designed to make sure you fully leverage your payment solution to the benefit of your company. From a cost perspective, innovation and from a customer experience perspective.

What is your expertise?

EcomStream utilizes up-to-date market knowledge whereby your existing payment solution is assessed and optimized for lower costs and a better customer experience to maximize conversions. Dependent on your goals and business drivers there are two methods/options to achieve this.

Option A: PSP benchmark of your payment solution. This is a no cure-no pay assessment of your existing contract(s) regarding the commercial conditions and optimization features of your PSP, and subsequent negotiation for renewal. Are you getting value for money from your existing provider indeed?

Option B: PSP RFP (tender) project going out to market. When you feel your PSP is possibly falling behind in features or is no longer a fit in line with the company’s business drivers, possibly due to your international expansion or omnichannel ambitions. Or you just want to re-assure the strategic fit with the existing provider.

Both these options provide benefits and good results. Based on your individual requirements we can discuss which option is the best fit.

Option +: Checkout flow optimization. Your checkout is technically not fully in the domain of the PSP. Your PSP can only influence the last stage of the checkout process, namely the payment process. This is why EcomStream provides this “plus” option, checkout flow optimization. Provided as an option to payment solutions optimization, either option A or B. Checkout flow optimization will help you making sure that your checkout is fully optimized to the most up-to-date customer expectations with (conversion driving) gamification techniques.

Does it make sense to optimize (benchmark) my payment solution?

You are probably leaving money on the table with your payment solution. The (online) payments market is extremely price competitive and (cost)optimization features that are available with your current PSP are often not utilized.

EcomStream often achieves savings of > 30% after a benchmark project. The payments market is far from transparent, but the lower the cost of your payment provider, the higher the return on your conversion. It’s safe to assume that you can realize huge savings with a benchmark exercise. It is offered by EcomStream on a no cure-no pay basis. Please refer to option A in project approach for all details.

Can I outsource my payment RFP (tender) to you?

Yes, EcomStream has extensive knowledge with managing the entire, end-to-end, payment RFP (tender) process. From assessing the current status, drafting the RFP document, up to renegotiations and onboarding. The service is entirely based on your requirements and company goals. It is always tailor made to your needs. Please refer to option B in project approach for all details.

What is checkout flow optimization?

The customer experience of your online checkout is important. It is often underestimated.

Your customer has already made their choice and should be able to check out quickly and conveniently. Optimizing your checkout flow starts with a detailed assessment of your existing checkout process. This could be of utmost value to you and your customers. It is offered by EcomStream as a “plus” option to the payment solution optimization services.

Can I hire you on an interim basis as well?

Certainly. You can read about several use cases and request for availibility here.

How about confidentiality?

EcomStream will never disclose your sensitive contractual and/or commercial information to other clients, prospects or any external party. Confidentiality is a corner stone of the services provided and backed by NDA.

In one sentence, why should I work with you?

You will sell more and pay less.


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