Checkout flow optimization

The checkout- and payment process is the most critical phase during a customer journey. Because when your shopper drops off during checkout, all the efforts to get your shopper reaching your checkout funnel have been worthless. Donโ€™t make mistakes that could have been avoided easily.

From the perspective of your customers, checking out and making payment is part of the same process. A such, you should consider to approach this as โ€˜one processโ€™ as well. It does need your special attention because most of this process is not in the domain of the PSP.

Also, the default checkout of your e-commerce platform is often built for compatibility. So not necessarily to maximize conversions.

The payment process starts when the shopper clicks the shopping cart and enters your checkout. That’s far before a shopper selects a payment method.


Constrain distraction

After your shoppers have enjoyed themselves shopping on your site and adding items to their basket, their mindset changes dramatically as soon as they have entered the checkout phase. Make every effort to make it as fast and easy as possible. Consider gamification techniques to gain motivation and constrain distraction.


Reduce friction

The risk of drop-offs increases with every additional step your shopper has to go through during checkout. Interest and attention levels drop significantly while trying to check out and make payment. There is work to do to reduce friction.


Checkout gamification

If your checkout process is hard to complete, then fix it at least. If you want to build loyalty from your shoppers, then add gamification techniques to your checkout. Loyalty drives returning customers.

By gamifying certain tasks you quite easily make checking out more pleasant. This also makes the overall customer experience just better as you not only remove friction, but you add a manner of sympathy.

Optimizing your (PSP) payment solution should be an integral part of your checkout optimization effort. You can read all about it here.


Best practice optimizations (usability principles)

The good news is that you donโ€™t have to reinvent the wheel yourself to have an optimized checkout funnel. EcomStream conducts (data driven) best practice optimizations by assessing the usability of your checkout, and delivering a clear usability report for improvements.

The suggested improvements from the usability report will be straight from analyses, surveys and reports as issued by Baymard Institute and Nielsen Norman Group, but specified to your situation, proposition and business case.

Losing a customer during checkout is costly. Make sure the risk of drop offs is minimized as the customer experience in your checkout is optimized. From best practice optimizations and usability principles to gamification techniques. Would you like to know how to achieve less drop offs during checkout?

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