Interim assignments

A seasoned professional with a proven track record in driving transformation projects, particularly in the realm of (international) Online, POS or Unified Commerce payment solutions. Armed with tangible expertise and skills, he swiftly provides actionable solutions, facilitating well-informed decision-making.

Perfect for companies in search of skilled and flexible expertise to guide them through the contracting and implementation of a payment solution.

Bringing extensive experience in vendor management, implementation, transformation, sourcing, and purchasing, with a profound understanding of (international) Online, POS and Unified Commerce payment solutions.

Recognized as an expert capable of wearing the hat of a project manager or business analyst, adeptly translating the needs and requirements of stakeholders into a payment solution that maximizes value and aligns with the organization’s strategic vision.

Offers flexibility in deployment, fitting seamlessly within fixed or flexible budget frameworks.


Does any of the following challenges apply to you?


We are seeking an expert assessment for our payment infrastructure. Bring a fresh, objective perspective to my organization and contribute expert, up-to-date payment experience. Staying ahead of the competition is crucial, focusing on maximizing conversions.

We’re in the process of re-platforming our existing e-commerce platform and need expertise to seamlessly integrate the online payment solution with the new platform.

In the midst of a re-platforming project, we overlooked scoping the implementation of our payment solution. Assistance is needed to address this crucial aspect.

Our organization has chosen a new Unified Commerce payment solution, and we’re in need of a specialized project manager to roll it out seamlessly across our online platform and all branches.

Having selected a marketplace payment solution to enter new markets, we require compliance adherence and a seamless implementation strategy.

Our product or service is susceptible to fraud and chargeback exposure. We seek guidance to gain better control of the situation and insights on maintaining a healthy revenue stream.

We have read about multi-vendor -or payment orchestration- solutions and we are considering options to make sure that we are not missing out on a lucrative opportunity.

We are updating our entire checkout flow and in need of a project manager to oversee the implementation. No need for a permanent headcount; seeking efficient management for this project.



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