Interim assignments

Someone who brings actionable payment experience from previous payment (transformation) projects. Who preferably provides immediate options to deal with challenges, based on which the company can make informed decisions.
For companies that are (temporarily) understaffed and need flexible headcount.  Companies that require a project manager to quickly adapt to the extra demand. 

A senior in the field of vendor management, implementation, transformation, sourcing and procurement.

Someone to work as a business analyst. To translate wishes and requirements coming from your business unit’s stakeholders into actionable tasks.

An individual to cover for maternity/paternity leave based on a fixed, or flexible, budget during this period.


Does any of the following apply to you?


I would like my payment infrastructure to be assessed by an expert. See my organization through fresh, objective eyes and bring expert, up-to-date payment experience to the table. Our company needs to stay ahead of the game, it’s all about maximizing conversion.

We are planning to re-platform our existing e-commerce platform and would require expertise to implement the online payment solution that connects with the new platform.

We are in the middle of a replatforming project but basically forgot about scoping the payment solution implementation..

Our organization has selected a new omnichannel payment solution and we would require a specialized project manager to roll it out, online and to all the branches.

A marketplace payment solution has been selected to get into new markets and it needs to adhere to compliance requirements and be implemented.

Our product or service is vulnerable for fraud and/or chargeback exposure. A better grip on the situation and guidance around maintaining a healthy revenue stream is required.

I have read about multi-vendor, or payment orchestration, solutions and I am considering options to make sure that we are not missing out on a lucrative opportunity.

We are updating the entire checkout flow and would require a project manager to manage this. There is no need for a permanent headcount to deal with this implementation.



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