Homefashion Group (Leen Bakker & Kwantum)

Homefashion Group is the company behind omnichannel home furnishing platforms Leen Bakker and Kwantum. These brands are among the top 3 most important players in the Benelux home furnishing sector. The Homefashion Group makes sure that both brands can fulfil their promise to their customers.

With 4 online platforms, 276 physical shops and 4,200 employees, we are always nearby. We exceed our customers’ expectations by connecting all these channels seamlessly.

Company mission: Enabling our customers to transform their house into a comfortable home by providing an extensive range of affordable, contemporary, quality interior solutions easily available to them.


The project:

EcomStream managed an RFP (tender) from start to finish for Homefashion Group. The project covered three sales channels: Online, Marketplaces and Sales@home.

The result is a modernized, uniform payment landscape for both Leen Bakker and Kwantum. This is reflected in a greatly improved customer experience at the checkout, far-reaching cost efficiency (thanks to direct and indirect cost savings) and a modular structure for international expansion and enhanced propositions.

The close collaboration between Homefashion Group and EcomStream, that started in 2019, and the trust of Homefashion Group key stakeholders helped enormously to get this project to a succesful closure.


“During our projects together at Leen Bakker & Kwantum I got to know Ramon as a true payment expert and a great professional to work with. He is focused on creating long term business value for his customers in both selection, contracting and implementation phases of payment solutions.”

Noël Manning

Directeur ICT en Online Platform (CDO/CTO)