Bugaboo International

At its Headquarters in Amsterdam and factory in Xiamen, China, Bugaboo invents, develops, tests, and manufactures mobility products that combine design with engineering and beauty with functionality.

Ever since Bugaboo began in 1994, it has taken pride in dreaming up game-changing products that help you explore the world around you in unparalleled comfort and unmistakable style.

Annual revenue is around USD 250 MLN. The company employs approximately 800 employees and is active in 21 countries.

Bugaboo has always made its products using high-quality materials, engineered them so that worn or broken parts can be individually replaced, and designed them so that owners can easily give their product a fresh look without having to throw it all out and start from scratch. Bugaboo products are designed to help you handle life with ease.

The project:

EcomStream has optimized the existing contract, rates and fees, of Bugaboo’s primary (global) payment provider. Commercial conditions have now considerably improved. The close working relation between Bugaboo and EcomStream was the key driving factors in this achievement.


“I worked with EcomStream recently to renegotiate our rates with our online payment platform and had real success in doing so. EcomStream picked up all the heavy lifting and scripted all the communication as a silent partner on my behalf and as a company we managed to make a significant saving on our fees with very little time investment our side. I would highly recommend working with them and look forward to doing so again in the future”.

Jordan Sykes

Head of Digital CX and Engineering, Bugaboo International