TWINT, the leading mobile payment method in Switzerland, offers users a seamless payment experience by allowing them to securely link their bank accounts or cards to the TWINT app for both online and in-person transactions. With an extensive network spanning shops, restaurants, bars, snack vendors, and ticket machines across Switzerland, TWINT’s reach is broad and versatile.

The platform provides QR code stickers tailored for various retailers, including farm shops, market stalls, and food trucks, enabling cash collection at both attended and unattended sales points. Flexible payment options are available through stationary points like cash registers (POS terminals), computers, or mobile card terminals.

Moreover, TWINT’s integration into online platforms and applications is facilitated through payment service providers, plug-ins, or proprietary development, ensuring widespread accessibility.

For business clients, TWINT presents an opportunity to engage customers through mobile marketing campaigns, offering digital loyalty cards and discount vouchers that are seamlessly integrated into the payment process, enhancing user engagement and convenience.


This payment method could be relevant for your business if you sell to clients in the following countries or regions: