Cartes Bancaires


Cartes Bancaires serves as France’s local card network, with over 97% of these cards co-branded with Visa or Mastercard. This dual branding allows businesses to process these cards through either the Cartes Bancaires network or the Visa/Mastercard networks.

For businesses handling co-badged cards in the EEA, it’s essential to offer customers a choice of preferred network at the checkout stage. Boasting over 73 million cards in circulation, accepting Cartes Bancaires presents an excellent opportunity to broaden one’s payment options across France.

As the predominant payment method in the region, Cartes Bancaires accounts for approximately 60% of current household expenditure in France. The extensive usage of Cartes Bancaires is evident with 14.5 billion transactions amounting to €521 billion.


This payment method could be relevant for your business if you sell to clients in the following countries or regions: