Optimization of payment solutions

No Cure No Pay

Overspending on payment methods is a missed opportunity for cost efficiency. While the payment solutions market is undoubtedly price-centric, delving into the finer details is where profitability thrives. Consider these compelling examples:


Are we fully leveraging our existing payment solution and does it help us to improve our KPI’s?

Are our rates still competitive?

Have we unknowingly been overcharged for years?

Is our current PSP still the right fit for our growth plans?

Is our contractual set-up to our benefit still?

Are we missing out on features that could improve our conversion?

Is there an opportunity to consider a different PSP/gateway service model with improved performance levels?

Can we benefit from advanced features to improve our approval/authorization rates and/or to mitigate our online fraud ratio?



In the dynamic realm of payment solutions, staying ahead is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Rely on us to keep you in the loop with the latest insights because outdated information is a thing of the past. Elevate your strategy by tapping into our external expertise—always current, supremely flexible, and completely independent, available at your beck and call.

EcomStream is also your key to unlocking concealed efficiencies. Through a detailed forensic audit of your transactions, we meticulously dissect complex fee structures, promptly revealing hidden inefficiencies and ensuring you never pay more than necessary. Capture opportunities for savings, both historically and ongoing.

Option A: Cost optimizations of payment solutions (no cure no pay)

Let EcomStream conduct a comprehensive cost analysis of your payment solution, evaluating it against current market rates and available optimization functionalities within your Payment Service Provider (PSP). Are you truly getting the best value for your money with your existing payment provider? Let’s uncover the answer.

Our analyses are fueled by a dynamic database containing the latest market rates and optimization functionalities sourced from a spectrum of leading and niche payment providers, catering to Online, POS and Unified Commerce platforms.

Next to this, our detailed forensic audit of your transactions goes beyond the surface, carefully dissecting intricate fee structures. Swiftly, we reveal concealed inefficiencies, ensuring you never overpay, both historically and ongoing.

Explore the power of “option A” and see firsthand how our service transforms possibilities into profitability. Have a look here to see how “option A” works.

Option B: RFP (tender) management of payment solutions

If you find yourself questioning the alignment of your current payment solution with your company’s strategic direction or contemplating international expansion and Unified Commerce ambitions, or if you simply seek assurance about your current payment provider, look no further.

Let EcomStream take the reins of your RFP (tender) project from inception to completion, ensuring a tailored payment solution that perfectly aligns with your business objectives.

Our RFP process is driven by translating KPIs into robust business and financial requirements. These KPIs encompass crucial aspects like performance enhancements, cost savings, fraud prevention, international expansion, and additional features geared towards boosting conversion rates.

Experience the EcomStream advantage with our RFP management, “service option B,” and elevate your payment solution to a strategic asset that propels your business forward. Have a look here to see how “option B” works.

Based on 14 reviews
Remco van Houtum
Remco van Houtum
Erg goede financiele dienstverlening bij het optimaliseren van je betaal provider implementatie. Zeer kundig, correct, proactief en to-the-point. Ecomstream is aan te bevelen voor ieder bedrijf dat te maken heeft online en offline betalingen.
Noël Manning
Noël Manning
During our projects together at Leen Bakker & Kwantum I got to know Ramon as a true payment expert and a great professional to work with. He is focused on creating long term business value for his customers in both selection, contracting and implementation phases of payment solutions.
Stefan Schuyleman
Stefan Schuyleman
Vanuit Swiss Sense zijn we in contact gekomen met Ramon, en in de periode tussen april 2023 en november 2023 hebben we samen middels een rationele aanpak een aanzienlijke besparing op de Payment Provider kosten weten te halen. Ramon's bijdrage en expertise is dat hij de inhoud neutraal mee kan bespreken ook evt met de PSP en controle kan houden op de effectiviteit aan de achterkant (in je dashboard). Hij is grondig en blijft najagen totdat de besparing ook effectief wordt bereikt, op een prettige manier. Ik zou zeker het gesprek met hem aangaan, zeker als je al een tijdje niet naar je condities hebt gekeken en internationaal actief bent.
Peter Sorber
Peter Sorber
Ramon werkt doortastend, nauwkeurig en met resultaat. Daarnaast is ook de samenwerking heel prettig.
Jordan Sykes
Jordan Sykes
I worked with EcomStream recently to renegotiate our rates with our online payment platform and had real success in doing so. EcomStream picked up all the heavy lifting and scripted all the communication as a silent partner on my behalf and as a company we managed to make a significant saving on our fees with very little time investment our side. I would highly recommend working with them and look forward to doing so again in the future
Ivo IJsseldijk
Ivo IJsseldijk
Bijzonder prettig ervaring met deze partij! Ramon werkt snel, integer en heeft veel specialistische kennis. Daarnaast wordt je zoveel mogelijk ontzorgt, wat resulteert in een zeer geringe tijdsinvestering. Onderaan de streep heeft EcomStream ervoor gezorgd dat we 25% besparen op onze maandelijkse PSP kosten. Een aanrader wat mij betreft!
Ronald van Drunen
Ronald van Drunen
The Staples eCommerce team, for which I was responsible, consulted Ramon Helwegen in 2020 and 2021 for the contracting and set-up of a payment solution based on Adyen for the Staples Europe business. Thanks to his help and collaboration we managed to make it work and complete the eCommerce consumer and customer journeys.
Wim van der Wilden (BungalowNet)
Wim van der Wilden (BungalowNet)
Uitstekende ervaring met EcomStream BV.
Ruiz Quaedvlieg
Ruiz Quaedvlieg
Ramon van EcomStream heeft veel expertise of het gebied van betaaloplossingen en Payment Service Providers. We hebben voor onze online betaaloplossingen forse besparingen gerealiseerd waar we nog jaren profijt van zullen hebben. Win/win situatie gezien no cure no pay.
Pieter-Jan Schutte
Pieter-Jan Schutte
Ramon heeft ons persoonlijk, professioneel geholpen met de optimalisatie van onze betaalprocessen. Kunde en snelle, directe communicatie onderstreept de fijne samenwerking. Bedankt voor de reeds geboekte resultaten!

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