Founded in 2016 and based in Berlin, Billie specializes in providing open invoice and deferred payment solutions tailored for the B2B sector.

The fintech company offers a favored payment method in B2B commerce: Payment by invoice, enabling online stores to cater to businesses and public institutions. Utilizing advanced AI-driven risk assessment models, Billie provides real-time credit approvals for buyers with shopping cart limits of up to €100,000.

Additionally, the platform offers comprehensive protection against payment defaults and fraud risks for online merchants. Customers can opt for installment payments through Billie’s “buy now, pay later” approach.

Businesses can easily integrate Billie as a BNPL payment option into their checkout processes, streamlining online transactions for B2B buyers across both e-commerce and m-commerce platforms.


This payment method could be relevant for your business if you sell to clients in the following countries or regions:

Austria, Germany, The Netherlands , Sweden