Alipay is a prominent digital wallet originating from China, boasting a user base of over a billion active users worldwide.

Users of Alipay have the convenience of making payments either online or via mobile devices, utilizing their login credentials or the dedicated Alipay app. With a low dispute rate, Alipay enhances payment security by authenticating transactions through customer login details.

Merchants can join a network of 90 million businesses currently accepting Alipay payments, expanding their reach within Mainland China and Hong Kong. This platform allows merchants to offer their customers their preferred payment method.

As the leading third-party online and mobile payment service provider in China, Alipay facilitates more than 100 million daily transactions and caters to over 800 million monthly active users. Its primary offering, Alipay Wallet, includes a mobile app that empowers customers to conduct transactions directly from their mobile devices.


This payment method could be relevant for your business if you sell to clients in the following countries or regions: